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Hi there! I’m Angie, and I make my living as a webcam model, or camgirl. If

Discover Your Why in 5 Simple Steps

If you are a breathing human being in this world, you are passionate about something. If

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I have put together this quick shopping guide to

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How do you engage your audience and keep them

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One of the most common requests you’ll hear from

Lonely Customers: How to be a Virtual Friend

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“Freedom is Attitude. Attitude is Everything.” Rob Smith

I’ve received the honor of being asked by Angie

Camgirl Taxes and Privacy

This question came to my personal email and my

How Does a Camgirl Deal With Her Period?

I’d say this one’s for the ladies lol. That’s

Let’s Talk About Camming, Baby!

U Ask:   Hi Angie,   I’ve been reading

How Can Bitcoins Benefit Me?

Independent webcam models use many different online payment systems.

Chanel Evans

I was looking for a way to get out

Income Goals & Motivation

It’s important to have income goals to keep you

The World’s Sexiest Budget

  My budget was butt ugly before I started

Logitech C525 Webcam Review

  Step inside the mind of a customer paying

Jason Wilde

I started out in sex work as an escort