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Hi there! I’m Angie, and I make my living as a webcam model, or camgirl. If you’re new to the idea of webcam modeling, or you’ve been thinking about trying it out – I created this website with you in mind. I hope you’ll join me in exploring the safest adult job out there. Welcome to U Camgirl!


On this page:
What is a webcam model?
How can this type of work benefit me?
What are some downsides of this line of work?
What now?


What exactly is a Webcam Model?

Webcam Model

WEBCAM MODEL: an entertainer in the adult industry who works from the privacy of her* own home using a computer with high speed internet and a webcam. She connects with a webcam model agency who takes care of all the dirty work so that all she has to do is log on to her cam site of choice and interact with the customers as they come into the chat room.

*Guys can totally be webcam models and do just as well as their female counterparts, but for the sake of simplicity I have chosen to use the feminine pronoun when one is needed.

A cam model is an Independent Contractor, i.e. self-employed.


She sets her own schedule.

She is her own boss.

She plays by her own rules.


While it definitely helps to be comfortable in your own skin and sexuality, nudity is not necessarily a requirement. It is possible to make money in this business fully dressed. You should be aware however that it is considered an adult job, and most customers will want to see the model unclothed. Ultimately, webcam model = boss.


A webcam model is never expected to do anything that she is not 100% comfortable with.


How can this type of work benefit me?



The most obvious benefit to this type of work is monetary. Adult models are paid nicely, and webcam models are no exception. The average commission payout for first time models is between $20-$40 per hour. As an average “girl next door” with a shy personality,  I personally started closer to the $20 end of that spectrum.


I was highly skeptical of reviews that advertised upward of $400 a day as the potential wage for a successful cam model. With hard work and persistence, however, I’ve found that this kind of money is actually attainable. Example:


making lots of money
I know, right? Don’t get me wrong. $99/hour is not a typical day’s wage for me – probably because I totally rationalize slacking off after a day like this one! :P This graphic from my account stats is just to show you that it is possible. On that note…



I typically work 3 hours a day. I take a day off whenever the hell I feel like it. Sometimes I make that a month, because the reality is this type of work comes with so much freedom. This type of work comes with the gift of time. 


Slow down and smell the rosesHonestly, my reasons for becoming a webcam model really centered around the extra time I knew I would have. I wanted to have enough hours in my days to pursue things that normal working hours conflicted with.


Now I have the time to slow down and smell the roses, and I have the time to live my life however I choose.


Major Confidence Boost

When I started camming, I was incredibly nervous. What will random guys on the internet say about me? What will they think? Am I good/pretty/charming/smart enough to do this job? I’ve heard this from so many models and I can attest as well, that


Clients absolutely adore their webcam models!


After a year of being worshiped, I feel pretty damn good about myself lol :P For real, I’ve received a meaningless insult like three times during the past 13 months. This is normal. It’s fucking great.


What the hell, this job is awesome lol

The job is what you make it, and you absolutely get out of it what you put into it. I know it’s cliché, but in webcam modeling it’s a fact. Part time hours in this type of work can totally replace the 9-5 daily grind, and it can also be a lot of fun.

You meet so many different kinds of people with so many different interests and fetishes, and getting to know those clients as people can be as personally rewarding as it is financially rewarding.


It can’t all be roses and rainbows…


You’re right, and it’s not. Being a webcam model is hard work. Ultimately you’ve gotta weigh your own pros and cons. I’ve put together an overview of 6 downsides for you to consider.


  1. If you ever run for office, the media might dig up your scandalous secret.
  2. You may have to pay your own taxes.
  3. There’s a social stigma to deal with if you give a shit.
  4. Some guys are just plain rude. Ban them.
  5. We all have slow days to balance out the great days.
  6. This isn’t a walk in the park. It can be a frustrating hike up a steep cliff at times lol

Read more: Downsides to Being a Webcam Model


What now?


What you do with this information is entirely up to you, obviously lol. If you would like to give this line of work a shot, or just want to learn more about it, head on over to Tips for New Models.

Webcam modeling isn’t for everyone. If it’s not for you, thank you very much for checking out U Camgirl and I wish you the best!
Whatever you do, remember:

“The only limits we have in life are those which we set ourselves.”


What dream or passion have you been putting off? If you get anything from your visit to U Camgirl today, get this: Stop what you’re doing and pursue your passion. Like, now.

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