The Webcam Model’s Safety Guide

Webcam modeling is the safest adult job out there, because:

  • Models never meet clients in real life.
  • As such, there is no risk of STD.
  • Models are always in complete control of what they do.


The top rated cam sites take the privacy and safety of their models very seriously. These sites are SSL Certified, meaning your information is encrypted and indecipherable. On the sites I have reviewed and recommended, your personal information is secure.
But there are other factors to maintaining your safety and privacy in this field of work. I’ve created the Webcam Model’s Safety Guide to fill in the gaps. 


What can I do to protect my own privacy and stay safe working as a webcam model?


SSL Certification is the most essential and effective security measure that any cam site can take to protect its models. But that’s not all they do…


Tip #1 Make use of Geo Restrictions


Most cam sites give you the option to block traffic by IP addresses – whether by city, state/province or country. Most models do this work at least somewhat discreetly, so you can use Geo Blocking to hide your profile from your family, friends and friendly neighbours.


The Geo Blocking options differ from site to site, so this is one element I talk about in my cam site reviews.


Tip #2 Enter a Fake Birthday


Remember your fake birthday and make sure you celebrate it. I mean really, what’s not to celebrate? ;)


If you look younger than you are, feel free to use a fake birth year as well. Just don’t forget how old you are as this may be cause for suspicion on the part of your clients.


If your fake birthday puts you into a different zodiac sign, you may want to know what your sign is in case anyone asks. However, I find it’s easiest to just put it a few days off.


So the cam site has done its part and you have taken advantage of the security measures they offer. Now it’s up to you.


The Webcam Model’s Golden Safety Rule (that is orange)

Never make the mistake of trusting a client with any legit personal details. Remember where you are! Most customers will misrepresent themselves in one way or another because the whole thing is ultimately a game in a fantasy world. You can be true to yourself and maintain the fantasy illusion without disclosing any personal info.


Here’s how.


Tip #3 Never Reveal Your Identity


Would it be obtuse of me to say DUH right now? :P Pick out another alias for those special occasions when a loyal client is just dying to know. Hesitate, then tell him your second alias as if it is your real name. NEVER actually give out your real name, no matter how much you may feel like you know them.


Tip #4 Keep Your Location Vague


If you’re comfortable revealing a US State or country, that will satisfy most clients’ curiosity. Feel free to modify any details if it makes you more comfortable.


Tip 4.1. Avoid local topics such as news and noteworthy weather that could give away your location.

I knew a model who mistakenly mentioned a major storm and a client was able to use that to find out approximately where she actually was. Nothing bad happened, but do be careful.


Tip #5 Adjust Any Details You Like


Just make sure you stick to your story.


One detail that may be beneficial to adjust is your relationship status. If you are in a relationship, your clients may be less interested since it breaks the illusion of you being attainable. Deep down they know they can’t have you, but the webcam modeling world is a fantasy world. It pays off to maintain the illusion.


Tip #6 Vague Responses Are the Best Responses


Other personal details you should keep to yourself are things like your job, where you work, where you go to school. Don’t evade these questions, but rather come up with vague responses that will do the trick without giving the customer too much information.


Keep these guidelines in mind while you’re working and interacting with your clients. You’ll make friends and stay safe and anonymous at the same time.


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