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How do you engage your audience and keep them coming back to your room? Regardless of how you choose to approach webcam modeling, it is so important to interact with your guests and allow them glimpses into your personality and what makes you unique. Remember, it’s your personality that is going to keep the right guys hooked on you!


Pro TipWatch a few top models before you log onto your cam. Note how they interact with their guests. Remember that she is at work, not there to answer your questions. Just watching is a great way to gain some insight and ideas.


So let’s talk about one of the big questions a lot of models have starting out: While in free chat, should I talk or should I type?






1. Processing…Please Wait.

In my experience, typing has been the best way to avoid those nervous babbling gibberish dorky lines that warrant the face palm. While some guys might find it adorable, it’s never cool to feel embarrassed on cam. If you’re a little more outgoing or, shall I say, “suave” than myself, this may not even be an issue.


2. Some guys just need to hear your voice.

In some cases, they will pay for a show just to hear you talk if you aren’t offering that in open chat. It also gives them a chance to feel like they are getting to know you better, and your voice is a selling point that sweetens the deal on their end.


3. It’s just plain easier if you’re more of an introvert.

This one ties back to my first point. I’m not just an introvert, but also an extremely shy person, so one major pro for typing in my case is that little bit of extra space or distance that it creates. Obviously this one is totally subjective and depends on your personality, but I’ve found I often feel more confident when I give myself that extra bit of wiggle room to think before I respond.




1. Some guests are quick to make assumptions.

If a user enters your room to find you typing instead of talking, he might assume you don’t speak English and immediately head to the next model.


2. Do I smell super glue?

TIP: Nobody looks good from this angle. Keep your webcam at or just above eye level for best results.

Unless you have a wireless keyboard to work with, typing usually means that you’re sitting in pretty much the same position for most of your free chat time. This can potentially hinder your ability to seduce your guests into a private session.


3. Type like a racehorse or be elusive. Every camgirl has her thing.

Depending on your typing skills, it can be easy to lose track of the conversation if there are several guys trying to talk to you at the same time. Of course, this can also be a pro for typing since it gives your guests more incentive to get you alone. ;)






outgoing 1. Stop tapping and talk to me!

Most models agree that talking is way more engaging for customers, and in general it does keep your guests interested longer. This is especially true if you are more outgoing and talkative naturally.




2. Your vocal inflections are a big part of what make you… you.

Talking gives your guests more of a feeling that they are getting to know you and it gives you more opportunity to let your personality shine. These tie in together and can result in more regulars visiting your room. Even if they aren’t paying for a private session today, every guest has the potential to become a paying customer.


3. The voice is a tool in the art of seduction.

If you have a sexy voice, lure him in girl! If you don’t feel like teasing with your body, you can totally tease with your voice. It can drive some guys crazy and some guys credit card crazy.




1. Stop talking and tap to me!

You’ll often see guests asking you to type because they can’t hear you. You can tell them to invest in some headphones, or you can be nice and occasionally type for them. It can divide your attention, which isn’t cool. In free chat, any regular paying customers or anyone who has already tipped you might warrant a little extra attention. Everyone else should basically be in the same boat trying to monopolize your attention.


We’ll talk about this more in the future, but – don’t ever let your attention be monopolized! Monopoly happens in private only lol.


2. Keep talking like that and he won’t need to spend a dime.shh

As with many little things you might do in free chat, you always run the risk of giving away too much. It’s a fine line and one that you’ll learn to stay away from with experience. Some of your guests really just want to hear you talk dirty, so if you’re being a little too seductive with the voice in open chat it might actually be enough to get that guy off without paying for it. Totally pathetic and totally uncool, but it happens.


Pro TipModeration is pretty much the key to free chat. Never give away too much, but don’t just sit there either. That balance might come naturally, or it might be something you’ll learn over time. Either way, you can totally do it.


At this point, I’ve settled for a combination of both talking and typing. As a classically trained pianist, my fingers work for me lol. I’ve found my personal balance between keeping up with the conversation, teasing with both text and voice without giving them too much to work with, and ultimately converting guests into paying customers.


It will likely take a bit of experimentation on your part as well, and in the end you will find your own balance and what works for your bank account. ;)



Here’s how I conducted my experiment to figure out whether I should talk or type on cam. It’s simple and I recommend trying it if you’re not sure how you want to approach visitor engagement for your own show.


Setting up

Decide on a total number of hours for your experiment. Go by hours, not days or sessions – since every day is different, and unless you are super-camgirl working a perfect schedule you most likely won’t always put in the same number of hours. You’ll be logging three sets, so something like 15 hours total might do the trick.


Step 1

Log your first set of hours with the mic turned off (in free chat only!) 5 hours if 15 is your total. Record your conversion rate. By that I mean dollars.


Step 2

Log the same amount of hours with the mic on and talking exclusively. Record the conversion rate.


Step 3

Log the same amount of hours talking and typing, alternating or just whatever you feel like doing. And… record the conversion rate.


Try and log the hours at around the same times of day, with all other factors as constant as possible (what you’re wearing, the mood you’re in, etc). This is science lol. If there’s a clear divide, like you totally had an easier time making money while you were typing, then you know what to do. If the rates turn out pretty similar, just keep experimenting and/or just do whatever the hell you want and eventually figure out what works for you.

Whatever you do (talk, type, sing a jingle), don’t be afraid to mix it up and keep things interesting both for yourself and your guests.


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