Your First Two Weeks on Cam

How you spend your first couple of weeks on cam can seriously affect your success as a webcam model. Most cam sites feature new models for a period of roughly 2-4 weeks, so it is extremely important to start working at building a fan base while you have that extra exposure on the site.


How to Build Your Fan Base


1. Keep a consistent schedule



Consistency is most important in terms of when you choose to work (mornings, afternoons, evenings…), but if you have the time and energy I highly recommend putting in as many hours as you can during your first couple of weeks. Set a schedule you can stick to, and stick to it. This will give you the greatest amount of exposure and the greatest chance of future success. I started out working 2-3 hours in the mornings around my day job at the time.


Keeping a consistent schedule is an important part of the webcam business and it will require some self-discipline to manage your time effectively. After all, as a webcam model you are effectively self employed. I’ll talk more about time management in a future article.


2. Take advantage of your greatest asset:
your personality


Customers will enter your chat room for any number of reasons ranging from your bio, stats, or general look. But it will be your personality that sets you apart from all the other models, and your personality is what will win over regular customers. Regular customers are the bread and butter of the business – so reel ‘em in!



Your online persona will likely be an exaggerated version of your self, so take a little time before logging on to determine exactly how your model self will interact and respond to “her” guests. You can be whoever you want to be in the online world. Just remember that it’s easiest to stay close to your real life personality, and keep your character consistent. For example, my model self is essentially my genuine self cranked up to eleven. I’d start there and see how it works for you.


3. Chill & have fun!


This might be a challenge depending on your personality, but you should really focus on enjoying yourself and getting to know your guests. Making money should not be your focus in the beginning. The money will come when your guests can see that you are having fun; they’ll want to enjoy more of your company. If you try too hard to get your guests to spend money on you, it will likely come across as desperation and, well, desperation is not attractive.


4. Push through the sometimes rocky beginning


It may be frustrating when you’re starting out if you don’t immediately see the money coming in, but stick with it! Determination and consistency are the key to success, second to your personality. ;) Too many models give up when they don’t see anything happening during the first few hours on cam. You might make $5 in your first two hours and feel like giving up, but if you stick around for the third hour it more often than not will pay off. You could end up making like $150 in a show.



Even if you make nothing, your focus during the first couple weeks should not be on the money! Your goal right now is to gain loyal fans who will come back later with money to spend on you. Patience, dear camgirl, patience. ;)


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Go get it, girl! (or guy!)

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