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While submitting my LiveJasmin application, I learned that recent updates to their HD encoder require much higher quality broadcasting than most cam sites. Without a top-of-the-line webcam and a consistent upload speed over 1.5mb/s, I would not have met their standards. My profile would have suffered a public mark of “bad” under streaming quality.

For this reason, I have decided not to put in any hours on the site, and have based the following review on comments made by current and former LiveJasmin models who have posted on this site.

Quick Review
  • Application Process - 4/10
  • Training/Support - 2/10
  • Privacy - 7/10
  • Model Interface - 3/10
  • Software - 4/10
  • Traffic - 7/10
  • Commission - 7/10
  • Payment Process - 6/10
  • Reputation - 4/10


This review is based on comments made by current and former LiveJasmin models.



Application Process

It took forever to get approved. Support was very slow responding to me. They wouldn’t accept my ID.




They fuckin suck! Tried sending them messages, don’t really hear anything back most of the time.

Most of them don’t understand English very well, but they are trying.

The support is, practically speaking, non-existent.



Performers have the option to ban guests from certain countries and their own region. Some countries cannot be banned due to their business significance.

Model Interface

…a lot of stuff on their site is confusing.

The dashboard and interface?! Don’t even get me started.



I got emails saying I was being punished for having bad audio and a bad video stream. My husband is in tech and set me up with all my stuff so I know it was working on my end!

The software sometimes will freeze your computer. It has to be compatible with what they want you to use for HD.



They get a LOT of traffic…comes with a lot of freeloaders and guys who try to trick you into breaking rules or rip you off by sending fake “tips”



Varies from 30%-60% depending on your model rank.

It’s a tiered payout system – which I hate, because in order to make the most money you need to be on so many hours of the week.

I have no idea why my cam was rated so poorly…the site threatens to lower my commission by 5%.


Payment Processing

Minimum payout is $100. Payment options are check (3 delivery options) or Payoneer. Models are paid bi-weekly on a 3 week delay. This delay is stated to be for “processing” but in reality LJ is waiting for potential chargebacks. In the case of fraudulent or disputed transactions, the refund comes off of the model’s check. Most cam sites absorb all chargebacks.



I’ve been on LiveJasmin for a little bit more then a year, putting in around 3 hours a day, 4-5 days a week. I find it very good when it comes to customers. I think that’s because I’m not the kind of girl for public shows; asking for tips is not my thing, so the concept of it (go to private and I’m yours one-on-one) works perfectly for me.

There are all sorts of crazy standards and restrictions and overall I just hated it with a burning passion. I didn’t even bother working up to my payout amount – it was that shitty.


What works for some may not work for others. While it may have its problems, LiveJasmin is a huge and popular cam site and it seems that a few girls actually do enjoy it and make their living on this site. Apparently being a native English speaker will put you above the curve at LJ.
Note: LiveJasmin is one of few sites that offers an exclusively non-nude category for models. If this interests you and you have good quality technology to work with, it might be worth checking out on that account.



Have experience with LiveJasmin? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below.
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