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Questions I’ve Answered:

payoneer“You mentioned a couple ways that camgirls get paid in the reviews, but I was wondering if there are any other options, like can they use Paypal? I can’t get a check in the mail because my parents would get suspicious, and I don’t really want to sign up for other services I have never heard of (payoneer?) Can you comment on this please, and how safe is it to give them your payment information…”

My Answer:
Paypal & Payment Methods


boss webcam model“I’m someone who might be interested in this but don’t think I would be comfortable getting naked on camera. How can you be successful without taking your clothes off? I would like some examples please. Thanks.”

My Answer:
Success With Clothes On


male webcam modeling“…I was hoping that maybe you had some advice for me as a Straight Male looking to get into webcam, perhaps what a good site to look into would be or any suggestions.

Would it be too difficult for me to do? I read that it’s 99% Gay males that would be looking at me, which makes me slightly uncomfortable but I would still consider it for the money. If I made it clear that I was straight, is there still money in it?”

My Answer:
Straight Male Webcam Modeling


“I’ve been reading your site for a while now, and I’m keen to try my hand out at camming! The only problem is I’m not sure how to even bring up the topic with my partner of 5 years and I don’t expect he’d be too happy about the idea of me performing for other men. Do you have any advice?”

My Answer:
Let’s Talk About Camming, Baby!

“I’ve asked you a couple questions on your site. My big question now is how troubling is this with the IRS and what not? Could this potentially affect me in obtaining jobs? Like is it easy for an employer to see that I’ve done this? And I’m looking to get checks in mail from streamate; what information does it release on those?”

My Answer:
Camgirl Taxes and Privacy