Do I Have What It Takes?

Alright, so you’ve got the lowdown on webcam modeling. You know the benefits; you know the downsides. You might even know how to get started. But before you even start getting set up and sending out an application, a little doubt and maybe even insecurity creeps in. You’re asking yourself:
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Do I have what it takes to become a webcam model?

Am I sexy or pretty enough?

What do webcam model agencies look for?

Am I charming or smart enough to even succeed?


So many women are scared away by the word “model,” and this is really a shame. Those women could have been shining stars. What they didn’t know is this:

A webcam model does not need to look like a model.


Not 5’9″? That’s okay.

Got a few extra pounds? Not a problem.

Pimples? Freckles? Small boobs? Big nose? Still not a problem.

Well, a big enough nose might be a little distracting, but I think you get my point, lol.

Now, if you are 5’9″, 110 lbs and perfectly symmetrical, frankly I’m not sure why you aren’t in the fashion industry (or maybe you are just branching out, ha). Of course, who doesn’t want to work from bed? And if you’re just missing a couple inches, well, more power to you. ;)

If you are new to this whole webcam modeling thing, it’s natural to assume that your appearance would be the biggest factor in whether you’ll be approved, let alone successful. Here is what webcam modeling agencies are generally looking for:

  • male or female
  • 18-45
  • comfortable with sexuality
  • great personality
  • access to internet, webcam, etc (reference: How to Set Up…)

    Webcam modeling gives you a potentially global audience. That’s a big audience. That means that no matter what you look like, a group of members will be physically attracted to you.

    How do you turn those members into regulars?


    Be yourself. If you’re an introvert like me, dial it up a little – maybe try to be more flirty and outgoing. But as a general rule, be genuine and genuinely interested in getting to know your future regulars as they get to know you. And as they get hooked on you. ;)

    Shake that Personality!

    PersonalityBelieve that you are beautiful, be confident in your SELF, embrace your sexuality, rock the genuine oh-so-charming YOU on cam. That is the key to success on this career path.

    Now that you know the secret, you’re totally ready to get started. Go pick out a cam site!

    Keep the conversation going. Have questions or comments? Feel free to post them.

    Til next time!

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