How To Take a Better Butt Selfie

If you’ve already checked out Angie’s post on how to take a sexy profile pic and have decided that it’s time to advance into the upper echelons with a super sexy profile pic featuring your butt, then look no further!


In this guest post I’ll teach you all the hacks for how to take the best butt selfie to show off your assets, get more clicks and attract more customers so you can start bringing home some serious cash.


Photo Credit: david_shankbone via photopin cc

Photo Credit: david_shankbone via photopin cc


Guys like a sexy female butt. Always have and always will. Don’t take my word for it though – I found proper evidence in a study performed in 2012 which showed that around 60% of men actually prefer the butt over breasts.


(I’m telling ya’ll, this stuff is scientifically proven!)


Having some ‘junk in tha trunk’ is a trend that’s only growing more and more popular as the media shows us bootylicious babes flaunting their stuff – stars like Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, J-Lo, Beyonce, and Niki Minaj to name just a few. This kind of publicity only serves to make men even more ‘butt-conscious’, meaning they are more likely to notice and seek out women with nice butts.


So should you feature your butt in a profile pic? I say if you’ve got it, then flaunt it.


Read on to learn how to do it without making an ass of yourself
(pun intended).

Photo Credit: Grahame Addicott Photography via Compfight cc  Used with permission.

Photo Credit: Grahame Addicott Photography via Compfight cc
Used with permission.


Photo Credit: midwestnerd via photopin cc (edited)

Photo Credit: midwestnerd via photopin cc (edited)

  • Fill the frame with JUST your butt
  • Adopt an awkward, unnatural pose
  • Photoshop your pic to make your butt look better
  • Have a camera in the frame




  • Show the rest of your body
  • Wear appropriate clothing
  • Show your face
  • Use a tripod and set your camera to a timer, or get someone to help take your photo



Tips and tricks for success

A common mistake is to think that a butt pic has to be all about the butt and nothing else. Taking a great butt selfie doesn’t always mean you have to show just your butt, or strip down to a skimpy G-string. Nor do you have to point your rear directly at the camera.


That’s not to say that it can’t work for you if you want to go that way:

Photo Credit: mislav-m via photopin cc

Photo Credit: mislav-m via photopin cc

But, if you want to take a butt selfie with a bit more class, then leave your clothes on to create a bit of mystery – anticipation is a major player in the development of desire.


Keep your face and other parts of your body in the frame so that the picture is still of you, but just so happens to feature your sexy butt in a subtle way as well.


Set up appropriate lighting that flatters your butt, and downplays any imperfections like cellulite or lumpy bits.



Choosing an Outfit

Choose clothing that will flatter your butt. Personally, I would echo Angie’s advice about taking a profile pic and recommend against showing off too much skin. Butts are sexy because of their shape, and even a great pair of jeans or any kind of tight clothing can showcase a nice ass.


Photo Credit: wetlookleggings via photopin cc

Photo Credit: wetlookleggings via photopin cc


Striking a Pose

You don’t need to do anything that looks too unnatural, but you can achieve a really nice look that showcases your womanly curves just by tilting your pelvis forward and sticking your butt out a little bit.


This little trick alone can be the difference between showcasing a flat butt or a fantastic looking one. Emphasizing the natural curve in your lower back can really make your butt ‘pop’ and attract some good attention from the opposite sex.


Photo Credit: ghis44free via photopin cc (cropped)

Photo Credit: ghis44free via photopin cc (cropped)


Decide how you want to present yourself…

Do you want to be subtle, or perhaps a bit more blatant in showing off your butt? The following are all great poses, but I would recommend taking your butt selfie with a bit of humor rather than trying to look overly seductive. Taking a picture featuring your butt can be cliché, but showing that you acknowledge that fact can make it a bit more excusable.


A cute awkward smile can melt a guy’s heart, so if that’s you then let your personality shine through in your pic!






Of course, if you do have the goods and you’re a regular succubus, then by all means go for seduction.


Clearly, booty has got some serious sway when it comes to attracting male attention. Take advantage by showing yours off through a tasteful butt selfie, and you can get better revenue, more return clients, and build a better camming profile overall.

Photo credit: PFX Photo via photopin cc

Photo credit: PFX Photo via photopin cc


To take your picture without having a camera showing in the frame, you’ll need a friend to help out or otherwise set up a camera on a stand with a timer. Getting a friend to help is the best way because they can provide feedback on your pose and make slight adjustments with framing and angles to get you the best result.


Now that you know how to snap a good butt selfie…


Photo Credit: Helga Weber via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Helga Weber via Compfight cc


If you’ve got a magnificent booty, then don’t be afraid to show it off with a few butt selfies on your camming profile!



If your butt needs a bit more work before you feel you’re ready to start featuring it in photos, then you still have options – boosting it up with padded panties for a pic is a great short-term fix.


For a longer-term solution, start a butt-focused workout program that will get your booty looking its very best. Building a better butt through butt-enhancing exercises is free and will not only make for a better butt selfie, it will also give you more confidence and more to work with on-cam.

Photo Credit: deanetr via Compfight cc


You’ll be sure to attract plenty of encouraging admirers as a result. I know for a fact that there are even some ‘serial butt worshipers’ out there who absolutely go crazy over a good butt, and these are the type of clients you can attract with a few good pics featuring your butt.


Heck, if you’re really keen to make a name for yourself as a camgirl in the ‘amazing booty’ niche, then why not consider learning to twerk as well?

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Happy butt-building and butt-selfie snapping!

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