Lonely Customers: How to be a Virtual Friend

You’ve probably heard before that there are essentially two types of customers in the webcam modeling business: those that are lonely, and those that are horny. This is true, if oversimplified. Let’s talk about those lonely customers.


Winter BluesI’m writing this during the Winter holiday season, which as we all know is a time when a lot of people are especially lonely or depressed. You know, the holiday blues. I tweeted a short thought on this the other day, but I’d like to elaborate here.


In case you don’t follow my Twitter feed, here it is in less than 140 characters:

This time of year is perfect for picking up lonely customers – not to downplay their loneliness, but a good camgirl can help!


This is where you bring out your “Girlfriend Experience (GFE)” if you choose to cater to these customers. I highly recommend it, as I’ve personally had private shows where they really just wanted to talk or “hang out.” If he’s paying $6 a minute – hell, I’ll talk lol. Sometimes this can last for 5 minutes; sometimes it goes up to an hour or more.


You don’t always know whether the private show that you’re whisked away into is going to be a regular ol’ cam show (as if there is such a thing lol), or more of a talk therapy session.


Friendly LadyWhen a customer feels that he can relate to and trust you as a person, he might prefer to come and talk to you instead of going to a therapist he feels is more of a stranger.


When you first think about it, this might seem a bit sketchy – like, if the guy needs therapy, shouldn’t he be encouraged to go see someone licensed?


But the fact is you never know the whole story, and you never know when it’s a simple matter of him having no one else to talk to in that moment. If he can afford you, you can be there for him. You can feel good about helping someone feel better, and feel equally good about getting paid for your time.


Of course it really depends on your personality, in real life and as a model (they shouldn’t be too far removed from one another).

If, for example, you are focusing your attention more toward submissive or fetish customers, you might not even give off the vibe of a girl who is available to just chat or go on a “virtual date.” Obviously how you respond to these types of customers is all up to you and the niche(s) you naturally fall into.


I find lonely customers especially rewarding, since they tend to be the most loyal and respectful fans I encounter.


A Word of Caution:

There will most likely come a point with some customers, especially of the lonely variety, when you feel like you know the person you are talking to. Remember where you are and NEVER reveal any personally identifying information, regardless of how much he’s told you about himself. Be yourself, but don’t ever give yourself away on cam.


Pro tip: have a “stage real name” prepared for those moments when you want to give your customer the experience of you “opening up” to him. 


If he’s lonely, don’t assume he isn’t also horny. ;)

They do often go hand in hand, or otherwise in hand… lol. As a webcam model, you’re basically in a position of responding to someone’s needs; whether it be a meaningful conversation with a perceived friend, a virtual date with a perceived romantic interest, and/or a “comforting” cyber experience with a sexy and welcoming camgirl.


Welcoming Camgirl


And as always remember that he may script the show, but you dear camgirl are 100% in control of the action.


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Next up, we’ll talk about those horny customers and what to expect from them.


In the meantime, have a happy Christmahannukwanzadan! Yes, I was looking forward to saying that lol. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out with that sentiment, but just in case…


Cheers :D


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