“Freedom is Attitude. Attitude is Everything.” Rob Smith

I’ve received the honor of being asked by Angie to guest blog for her and you members of her site. I’d like to start by saying thank you, Angie and explaining to the members here that one of the many things that Angie and I have in common is that we both believe in freedom. I don’t mean the freedom that you hear about all the time on the radio and television by the corporate slaves or by the private corporation that calls itself “government”. We believe in true freedom.


By that I mean that we believe people have the unalienable right to “do as thou wilt but harm none.” If you’ve never heard that saying before then perhaps you were raised by Christians as I was and dictated law rather than grace principles.



Many of us are raised to believe that we must follow rules created by other people and never told why.


Too often the real reason we obey is because if we don’t comply with alleged authorities we will suffer some form of punishment. It may be fines or imprisonment. It may be loss of property or rights. It may even be a shunning by those who believe they are morally superior to us. I have studied the Christian teachings and investigated many other religions. None of them support that ideology and in fact “legalism” is contrary to any and all spiritual teachings.


Even the basest of organizations, the UN, believe “all men are created equal.” So what makes others believe they have the right to tell you or me how to live? This concept never came from the persons they call Jesus or Buddha or Mohamed. These ideas came from their own desire to feel superior to others. The Christian scriptures consistently demonstrate how it is the rich and high in social status that discriminate the most. But Jesus only ever got mad at the bankers in the temple.


If the greatest religious icons don’t discriminate or place demands on who we are or how we are to live then what gives any other person the gall to make such claims. The fact is that we were born naked and we leave this world naked. We came into this world equal in all rights and liberties so for one to impose on another their own opinions is to oppress the other.


There’s a Maxim of Law that states: “It is a fault to meddle with what does not belong to or does not concern you.” Another states, “To him consenting no injury is done.” I urge you to meditate on these things as you enter into your chosen profession. Decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong.


It is my opinion that only you can decide what is best for your well being and prosperity. Wealth is more than money; it’s also peace and happiness. I wish you all many blessings and prosperity and urge you to consider what real freedom is and share your life accordingly.



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