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It’s important to have income goals to keep you motivated as a self employed webcam model, or self employed anything really. Some models do this by the day, and others do it weekly. I prefer to set a weekly goal, because I’m lazy and some days I just don’t feel like working.


I know, I know. I’m a hypocrite. Keep a consistent schedule! lol


As long as I reach my goal, anything I make in excess is considered a bonus. I can do whatever the hell I want with that extra money, like put it toward some impulse purchases and pampering for moi, or chuck it into a retirement savings fund. You know, depending on how responsible I’m feeling when I get my paycheck in the mail. lol.





If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out The World’s Sexiest Budget at this point since the rest of this post will refer to the method I outlined there. Go, I’ll wait!


Okay, moving on.


Once you’ve established your fan base and you’re making fairly consistent income on cam, you can pretty much gauge what a reasonable goal might look like for you. For me, I might make anywhere from $50-$150 in 2-4 hours and call it a day.


Now, I could make it a daily goal of $50 with a day off. OR I could make it a weekly goal of $300 (6 x $50). Either way I look at it, I keep my personal budget comfy and keep paying down debt. When I make over $300 I get to put those extra dollars into whatever budget category my little heart desires.



dollar jobs


I often make myself a goal of a little something on a personal Amazon wish list, and put a picture of it up on my desktop. Visualizing myself with that shiny new dishwasher keeps me motivated. And the maid in my head, well – that’s another story, lol.


Keep it Realistic


Keep in mind that starting out as a brand new model, the average income is closer to $20-$40 per hour. I personally started out making like $15 an hour, since I was pretty shy in the beginning. Put in the hours and some hard work and you too can make both the money and the confidence grow over time.


What if I’m new at this, I’m not seeing any money yet, and I’m frustrated?!


If you’re putting in the hours but not seeing any money coming in, another way to stay motivated is to give yourself a time goal instead of an income goal. This might work better in the beginning, since before you’ve established your fan base the income can be pretty unpredictable and vary by the day. This has worked for me during some slower periods, like around tax time when all my customers are giving their dollars to the government instead of me. Damn government… lol.


Don’t go crazy – if after 3 hours you haven’t made any money and you’re starting to get frustrated, log off and call it a day. As long as you get back on and try again the next day, keeping a consistent schedule (extremely important starting out!) – you will eventually start to see more consistent income, at which point you can work on income goals more easily.


Back to YNAB


One week this past month I was sick with the flu, and I didn’t work at all. Thanks to YNAB and Rule #3 (roll with the punches), it won’t affect my ability to pay for November with October’s income. I can simply move some dollars out of my Rainy Days fund and into any categories that might need a little more wiggle room.


Honestly, the YNAB method of budgeting has revolutionized the way I look at my money. Every dollar has a job to do, and I often catch myself saying “those dollars are already spoken for.” I mean, seriously, they’re working in another department and they can’t be in two places at once (contrary to some employers’ belief)! Many a needless impulse purchase has remained on the shelf because of that mindset.

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So, now it’s your turn.


What are your goals, and what’s motivating you to make more money?


I would as always love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!


Until next time. :)


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