Jason Wilde

Male webcam model Jason Wilde
I started out in sex work as an escort for gay men. I loved it, and still do love it. I’m a very sexual person and I love to please so I always had a great time and, because I genuinely enjoyed it, my clients had a good time too.


I always knew webcam modeling was there but I never knew much about it – the money you could earn or anything like that. For the longest time the computer I worked from for advertising my escort services did not have a webcam, so it wasn’t really possible to get into camming. Plus it was called webcam modeling and I definitely did not see myself as a “model“.


From escorting…

I had been escorting for a while when there were some slow times, especially with the recession. People were cutting back on extras and paying for an escort would obviously be seen as a luxury! There were weeks when I was thinking, “What the hell am I gonna do?” I always managed to pay my rent, phone bills and stuff, but I felt I was just scraping by sometimes and maybe there would eventually be a time when I would really struggle with rent. After all, an escort isn’t something people HAVE to have; it’s a treat I guess you could say.


This thought got more real as time went on and I felt I needed something else, another income stream. This is when I realized that phone sex was actually still a thing! Like many other people, I really thought phone sex operators were no more due to the birth of the internet and the cyber world – How wrong was I!


to phone sex…

Using my escort name, I set up a phone sex listing on a couple of websites. How hard could it be? I really thought people would call for a bit of heavy breathing and maybe some moaning and groaning if they were lucky.


My first call came in. I nervously answered the phone, and the guy wanted to be dominated. This is something I had no clue how to do over the phone but I got through it – just! It really opened me up to a whole new world of fetishes, some that I hadn’t even heard of in my time escorting! I started making a decent bit of extra money through phone sex and it was something I really enjoyed because dirty talk is like a second language to me anyway!


Through the phone sex community and some forums and stuff, I read more and more about camming and realized that if you put the work in you really can make money. It’s not quite as popular as female camming – fair enough, but it was worth a go!


…and on to webcam modeling.

I got a new laptop and set up some profiles on the various camming sites, did a whole lot of research on community forums, and watched lots of the popular models doing their thing. I decided to give it a try.


My first day was very easy because I was a new, fresh face and people like that. It was mostly masturbation shows at the start, soon after evolving into fetishes and different things.


It is absolutely a good thing if you fit into a niche, say BBW for example; it helps to have a category to put yourself in.


I’ve had some fun experiences, some crazy and some not so good experiences – but it’s a job and you take the good with the bad. I enjoy it as a whole and some of the stories I have are so much fun to tell people!


I always tell the story

about an ex marine from the US (I’m Scottish) who wanted me to pretend that I had a gun and I was in a war fighting Indians, and he was going to kill me. He asked exactly how I wanted to die, and I said, “Just shoot me in the chest and get it over with!”

He hit back with, “Where in the chest exactly? Left nipple, right nipple, middle?” He was very specific and none of it was sexual at all; it was like he just really wanted to fake kill me! So that was fun, playing soldiers!


Another guy questioned me like the police would in a bust, and then strip searched me. I had to run my fingers through my hair real close to the camera, and he wanted a close up of my nostrils. Whatever floats your boat I guess!


I prefer private shows because I love that interaction.

It’s great meeting all those interesting characters. I always tell my customers that I’m not here to judge if they are scared to tell me their fetish or fantasy. I doubt it is going to shock me, and I would never judge; I think it’s great that everyone has their thing that gets them off. It keeps things interesting!


A piece of advice for new models would be to absolutely never judge people if their fetish isn’t very nice or you don’t like it. Politely decline and simply tell them you are sorry but you would be unable to give them the show that they would really enjoy.


If you are thinking about becoming a webcam model, have a look at some cam sites and check the reviews.


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