5 Points Model Management Review

Although 5 Points Model Management is one of many VS Media studios, they do provide some personal attention for models who need it. When you sign up with 5 Points, you are assigned a personal talent agent who is available to mentor and advise you at any point along the way.


Application Process

When I submitted my test application, it was approved within 2 days of my uploading the required documentation and photos with ID. It was very straightforward.




I received a welcome email with everything I would need to get started: Performer Handbook, Performer Application download link, and all the contact info for my talent agent in case I needed any help.


Model Interface

The performer site is easy to navigate and fairly intuitive once you get used to it, although there are a lot of options in the drop down menus. I guess you would get used to it.




The Performer Application is a desktop application for Windows users. Mac users have access to a web based platform. You just launch it, log in, turn on the camera, then enter your chat room. Since I started using it, my software has crashed a handful of times while they were doing updates. I’ve never had any real problems with it otherwise, and it’s pretty easy to get used to.


They promise that your start-up traffic will be decent while you are promoted in the New Models category. Then it would go through phases, but as long as you keep consistent hours you’ll build a loyal fan base that you can count on. A few beggars pass through occasionally, but it’s easy to ignore, silence, boot or ban them as needed.



The base commission rate starts at 26.67% and goes up to 30% depending on your earnings, and clients on this network generally pay between $6 to $9/minute for private shows. I find it adds up pretty quickly. There are also daily bonuses and other incentives ranging from $50 to $1000s and luxury resort vacations (damn my laziness lol). And of course customers can tip you anytime if they like you.
The ads for 5 Points say you can earn up to $400+ daily, which I’ll admit makes me skeptical. It most likely won’t happen right away, but it is possible with some hard work and determination.



Payment Processing

Minimum payout is $50, and you have the option to set it higher if you want. Payment options include: check in the mail, direct deposit, Payoneer, Paxum. I prefer Payoneer personally; they just send you a prepaid debit card and 5 Points loads your money onto it every 2 weeks.


Quick Review
  • Application Process - 8%
  • Training/Support - 10%
  • Privacy - 9%
  • Model Interface - 8%
  • Software - 8%
  • Traffic - 6%
  • Commission - 6%
  • Payment Process - 9%
  • Reputation - 7%
7.9 %


I recommend 5 Points Model Management for models who want to work for a studio instead of a cam site company directly.


Comments or questions? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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