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ImLive host review

Application Process

I was actually pretty impressed with ImLive’s application process. I finished uploading all the requirements and my account was approved and active within just a few hours.



On the main page I found a “Power Guide” which is a really nicely done interactive tutorial that goes from the basics all the way up to how to maximize profits during your time both on and offline. It even comes with quizzes at the end of each topic.


I emailed support with a couple questions before I even started working. I received a detailed response within just a few hours. Most of it was copied and pasted from the tutorial, and that is my fault for not looking hard enough for that info. One question had not been addressed on the site, and it was addressed at the bottom. So far very impressed by professionalism and prompt service.


There is also an on-site forum just for hosts. I have yet to investigate, but it looks fairly active on quick glance.



Geo-blocking is available for any country, US state, Canadian province, or specific cities. Hosts can block up to 3 locations.


User Interface

I’m loving the interface so far. It’s very clean, professional and intuitive. It took a minute to get used to it of course, but after looking around the site I must say I am impressed.



The webcam sessions are web-based rather than downloadable software. You click a “Start Video Chat” button from the main page and you’re in. There is a pretty loud doorbell chime when a user enters paid chat, and an equally loud exit chime when they leave. This interface gives a full 3 minute countdown before going back into free chat. Most sites give 30 seconds, which often leaves me scrambling for my panties lol.



As a new model I am getting regular traffic, so far about 3-4 credit card holding members at a time. Overall, they seem less interested in personality than some other sites’ traffic. But they are still using their credit cards, so I’m not complaining. After working 120 hours, you can turn off free chat altogether. That prospect is actually really enticing to me, and might motivate me to get to that point just to find out what it’s like.


Pay Rates

Base commission is 30%. Top models get 35%. New hosts have to put in 90 minutes of video chat at only $0.98/min before they can raise the rates. I do not know what the options are at that point but will update once I complete this promo period. I must confess I was reluctant to work for such a low rate, but I gotta check out the site! In my first hour I did around 6 short shows, which earned me $20. Those same shows on the other sites I’ve tried would have left me with at least $100.


Payment Processing

Minimum payout is $50. The options are check in the mail (regular mail is free, priority is $48), or Payoneer. Payments are made twice a month with up to 5 days processing time after the end of each pay period. I’ll update when I’ve met the minimum and receive┬ámy first payment.


My First Week On Cam

This one is slow going. Since the rate is so low, I am putting most of my time toward Internet Modeling where I know the earning potential is so much higher. What can I say, I like money lol. I’ll put these hours in when I feel like it, but for now I’ll post my first day’s earnings.



What Other Models Say


This site is always evolving so if you like to work with a site that keeps you on your toes then go for it.

The pay is a joke.

Sure I had a lot of traffic. You will have a lot of traffic on any site you offer hardcore for 98 cents.

No idea how the site got awesome ratings.


I have consistent traffic and can usually make a decent amount if I just put in the hours. I have started utilizing the Power Tools and I have noticed a difference earnings wise.

I have already gained awesome regulars, which make my shifts that much easier. Very fetish friendly. Love it!


What do you say?

Feel free to post any comments or questions in the handy dandy comment box below.

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