Tips & Requests (I’m On Cam… Now What? Pt 2)

…continued from Part 1: Free Chat

Part 2: Tips & Requests

Never give anything away for free.


No exceptions. You know the saying: “Give him an inch and he’ll take a mile.” That applies here. Don’t give in!


At the same time, don’t beg for tips. Let’s refer to the diagram below. We’ll call this…


Angie’s Tip Continuum

angies tip conundrum

You’re not desperate or greedy, nor are you naive or particularly generous. “Tip for requests, please” keeps you straightforward and attractive to members who matter.


If ever you are not comfortable with any request, simply decline. If the user keeps asking, it’s time to give him the boot. In my examples, I am going to assume that the request is acceptable to the model.


Remember the Membership Levels when dealing with requests.

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Grey and Basic Users are almost certainly shopping for freebies, so don’t engage past an exchange like this:


Grey/Basic: May I please see your ass?

Yes, they will often try to be polite thinking that it will score them something for free. They may have even engaged you in friendly conversation first. It’s all a ruse. He really just wanted to see your butt lol.


Model: I’d love to show you. How about you tip me first ;)


Common Member Rebuttals


I don’t have any credits because my cat is sick and the vet bills have maxed out all my credit cards. I think she is going to die soon. Don’t you want to make me feel better?

Classic sob story. He is 99% probably lying. Kick this guy before he ruins the mood in your chat room.

I will tip you and we’ll go private after if I like what I see.

Bullshit. Bye bye.

Okay, I have to go get some credits. brb.

He is not coming back 99% of the time but at least you don’t have to kick him lol. If he comes back, then you have a winner and you can fulfill his request after you receive a reasonable tip. More on that later.


Grey/Basic: [Username] has tipped the model 200 credits!

It’s fake unless it’s in pink. A real tip looks like this:


[Username] has tipped the model 50 credits!

Grey/Basic: open tits bb

He doesn’t speak English and likely won’t say anything else, but may broken-record this one until you kick his ass to the moon. Do that.

We can take VIP and Premium members a little more seriously. A request coming from them might sound more like this:

VIP membership


VIP/Premium: Would you X for a tip?

Example X’s:

  • flash boobs
  • dance
  • flash ass
  • show feet
  • change outfit or hair for a show (off cam)
  • et cetera


Model: Sure :)

Then stay right where you are until that pink tip shows up on the chat log. The same guidelines apply to VIP and Premium members, because unfortunately there are dicks at every level.


If they send a tip that is too small for the request they’ve made, it is absolutely acceptable for you to request another.


“I think my ass is worth a little more than that bb. One more will do the trick ;)”

The member will run into the Sunk Cost Fallacy at this point: they have already invested, but the investment they chose didn’t gain any returns. If they don’t invest more as requested by the model, they will feel they have wasted credits.


Luckily in their case, it isn’t quite a fallacy because adding to the investment will result in the return they were looking for. ;)


So, what is a reasonable tip for these requests?


Every model has her own standards here, so use your discretion once you get used to the system. Personally, I don’t fulfill any request for less than 50 credits. On the VS network, 50 credits = $5 for the customer.


It’s totally up to you whether you want to take requests for 25 credits. In the case of a 10 credit tip, I would just say thank you and blow them a kiss. Be kind to your customers, but don’t cheapen yourself by accepting less than you deserve.

If the customer isn’t willing to tip you properly, he isn’t worth your time. To reiterate: webcam models don’t need to put up with bullshit. Speaking of bullshit…


Sometimes a member may attempt to manipulate you with a tip.


This doesn’t happen often, but I’ve run into it myself so thought it worth mentioning.


The member sends a tip, maybe even a large tip, without first asking if you would do X for that tip. He presumes you will be happy to fulfill his request. If you are, he’s still a bit of a bastard but it’s a win-win.


If his tip and/or request are not cool with you, then it is his problem for not asking first. Be nice about it, but stick to your standards – You don’t have to be bossy to be the boss… unless you want to be. ;)


Basic Request Guidelines

If you are not comfortable with a request, the answer is no.
If the request breaks a site rule, the answer is no.
If the request is not allowed in free chat but it is in private, the answer is I’m not allowed to do that out here but I would be happy to in private.

There is another class of member out there that you’ll encounter from time to time:
The Gentleman

On occasion he will tip you without expecting anything in return simply because he likes you, or because you have engaged him in lovely conversation.


Resist the notion that tip = request. With these guys, just make sure he knows that you appreciate his thoughtful gesture. After all, you have obviously already provided value by brightening his day.


And that is the story of tips in free chat.


Members can also tip you in private sessions, but that doesn’t require much explanation since you are already in a private session taking his requests. More on private sessions in the next installment of I’m On Cam… Now What?


PART 3: The Private Session



Note that most of my references do come from 5 Points because that is where I work, but I have reviewed 5 Points alongside some of the other top cam sites so you can make a more informed decision.


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