I Love How You [Verb] That [Noun]!

One of the most common requests you’ll hear from your customers on cam is dirty talk. To some this comes naturally, to others not so much. I fell into the latter category when I started out, and it was SO awkward! But luckily, there are some tips and tricks that can help to develop this particular “skill.” So let’s get talking dirty, shall we ;)


How You Say What You Say

Your tone of voice is very, very important when learning to talk dirty. If you sound like you’re reciting lines or reading from a script, your customer will pick up on that so fast and it won’t be sexy.


Just relax, try to act natural while talking a little more softly and slowly. Linger on your words a little, and get louder and more intense as the show goes on. Make it flow with your actions and with the feel of the show as a whole. Heavy breathing and moaning are great fillers.


The key here is to try and actually enjoy yourself. The more you enjoy yourself, the more he’s probably going to enjoy his experience of you.


Setting the Stage

You’re in a private show and your customer says: “Talk dirty to me, baby.”


If you’re a natural dirty talker, just have fun with this lol. If you’re like me when I started out, you may feel like a deer in headlights at this point. This is totally normal. Don’t panic!


Remember, you’ve already got this guy in a private show, which is the hardest part in my experience. Be confident in the fact that this guy is attracted to you and wants to potentially spend A LOT of money on you! Take a deep breath. No, seriously. Do it.


Testing the Waters

The first thing you want to establish is how dirty this guy wants you to talk. A good ice-breaker might be something like, “What do you want me to do to you, baby?” In some cases this will get him talking dirty to you, and in some cases he will answer the question and you can use that as a baseline.


An alternative leading question: “What would you do if you were here right now?” This one is more likely to get him talking and it’s a great way to learn some of his fantasies.

Webcam modeling is all about fantasies.

Dirty Talk


In the interest of keeping this post “webhost friendly” we’re going to do this MadLibs style. Have fun with it, and if you come up with something outrageous please do share! Open up Notepad or grab an old fashioned piece of paper and a writing utensil. No peeking until you’ve filled these out! :P


Give me a…

  • VERB
  • NOUN
  • NOUN
  • NOUN
  • NOUN
  • VERB
  • Adverb
  • Adjective
  • NOUN
  • NOUN
  • NOUN
  • Adjective
  • Exclamation
  • Exclamation


Thank You For Sharing

Thank you for sharing this post. We really do appreciate it!



Positive Feedback

You want to make your customer feel good about himself. The better he feels, the more likely he’ll be to come back to you. Try some of these lines on for size:


I love how you [verb] that [noun]. You know what you’re doing. Your [noun] is so sexy.



I want you.


Sexy Commands

I want you to play with your [noun]. Grab my [noun]. [Verb] me [adverb].


Roleplay and Sensations

You feel so [adjective] inside me.

I love how it feels when you press your [noun] *ahem* against my [noun]!


Easy Fallbacks

Moaning and cussing are great fillers, but usually best saved for the most intense moments. But seriously, if you get nervous and go blank, moan and/or cuss lol.


Again, heavy breathing is great. Also try asking a sexy question:


Is my [noun] [adjective] enough for you?


Pro TipAs a general rule of thumb, try to match your language to your perceived level of arousal so you don’t sound too phony. Let the intensity build to get your customer more and more excited about what’s going to happen next.



Oh my [exclamation]! Oh [exclamation]! (haha)


NEVER ask the customer if he finished. Assume he did, and assume it was great. Express your satisfaction by saying something along the lines of… “I hope I see you again soon because THAT was fucking great!” Ah, French..


Oftentimes he will end the show as soon as he’s done. Don’t take it personally! You are expensive after all. ;)


Alright, I want to see those MadLibs results in the comments below. No cheating! It’s my first time trying this so hopefully it isn’t too horrible lol. Just don’t post the real responses since I think it might get a little too X rated for my current host. (Working on that.)


I had Luke do a test run for me:

I love how you jump that bird. You know what you’re doing. Your spatula is so sexy.

I want you to play with your snowflake. Grab my pickupExonerate me quickly.

You feel so moist inside me.

I love how it feels when you press your butt against my sock.

Is my car orange enough for you?

Oh my ah! Oh Khan!

Oh, Luke… lol. :P


Feel free to post any comments or questions relating to the topic of dirty talking. I always love to hear your thoughts and will respond within 24 hours under normal circumstances.


Until next time!

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