Streamate Review

Overall, Streamate is a good option for experienced webcam models. They offer very little support, no personal coaching, and a training manual that the model has to find her way around on her own. This would probably be overwhelming for someone just starting out.

Quick Review
  • Application Process - 7/10
  • Training/Support - 3/10
  • Privacy - 7/10
  • Model Interface - 9/10
  • Software - 5/10
  • Traffic - 8/10
  • Commission - 6.5/10
  • Payment Processing - 10/10
  • Reputation - 8/10


Their HD Encoder software is a pain in the ass, subjectively speaking lol, though that is the general consensus.

There are some privacy concerns, although they do offer geo-blocking.

Payment processing is like clockwork and the traffic is decent.



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Long Review


Application Process

Pretty straightforward, although it takes longer than some sites to be approved. They say to allow 5 business days for processing – I was approved in 3 days. There was a slight delay because one of my photos of me holding my ID wasn’t as clear as they wanted and I had to resubmit that file.



Virtually nonexistent. Once I was approved, I received a  generic form letter with a link and my password. I basically had to figure out everything else on my own, which was a hassle and a little frustrating, but I managed. Under the “Support” tab there is a Performer’s Manual, which is pretty extensive and taking the time to go through it did clear up a couple of things.


I have emailed support with a few questions already, and they have responded within 24 hours. Responses are blunt and impersonal, sometimes verging on rude. They sometimes ignore questions, misunderstand questions, or provide copy & paste answers that don’t help with the issue at all. It is likely that the staff are not native English speakers.



Geo-blocking is offered for up to 5 countries, US States, US cities, or Canadian cities. Geo-blocking is not offered for Canadian provinces.


Streamate sometimes uses live broadcasts in their advertising, meaning shows free chat to non members. They don’t advertise this fact, but you can actually request support to hide your page from non members and they will comply. One privacy issue that is of concern to me is that this site is known for having its shows leaked to free tube sites. They aren’t as quick as some other sites to have the videos taken down. Overall, though, Streamate is a trustworthy and reputable cam site and their models’ personal information is secure.


Model Interface

The site has recently gone through a major face lift, and it’s actually quite handy for tracking stats and ratings. Pictures that have been uploaded can’t be taken down unless there are at least 30 up, which can be frustrating. Overall, the site is laid out nicely and navigation is fairly straightforward.



You have to download an HD Encoder to stream in HD. The Encoder is a little ridiculous and technical, but upon searching through the manual there are instructions for setting it up. It is a hassle, but it can be done. The chat system is web-based, meaning you have to have the webpage open to chat with clients and go into private shows. You also have to leave the HD Encoder open on your desktop, as it transmits your stream to your page. It is a pain in the ass regardless of whether you know how to use it.



Both quality and quantity are decent in terms of traffic. Freeloaders are generally guests without credit cards, and they are blocked from chatting by default so that your attention is going to members who might actually pay for a show.



Streamate pays 35% commission, which sounds low but is actually fairly average for this industry. There are sites that pay much higher, but lack the traffic quality that Streamate offers.


Payment Processing

They pay weekly, and the pay period is a simple Sunday to Saturday deal and then 3-5 business days for processing. I was happy to see that they offer to mail checks to Canada without any extra processing fee. They also offer wire transfers, FedEx and Payoneer. Minimum payouts vary based on the method, but for a standard check in the mail the minimum is $20.


Payment is like clockwork. I received my check a day early, and it was written out by a generic parent company. Neither envelope nor check mention anything about Streamate or the industry.



The traffic is steady and reliable. I can guarantee I will make a certain amount per week, and most of the time much more. Payments are always on time, and being weekly is a huge bonus for me. The software gets a four because everything does run super smoothly. However I dislike the separate encoder screen as well as not being able to block customers once they leave your room.


I like most things about Streamate, it seems like a pretty decent environment and a lot of good guys.


SM’s put a lot of money & effort to stay ahead of the curve with technology, making it friendly for the ever-growing number different mobile platforms. This is great for being cutting edge for the viewer, but sometimes there are guys who can’t get into our show because their device boots them (especially iPads). So that can be frustrating, but that is the nature of technology, huh?




I recommend Streamate for experienced models only due to lack of support.


Have experience with Streamate? I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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