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question ask angie“…You mentioned a couple ways that camgirls get paid in the reviews, but I was wondering if there are any other options, like can they use Paypal? I can’t get a check in the mail because my parents would get suspicious, and I don’t really want to sign up for other services I have never heard of (payoneer?)
Can you comment on this please, and how safe is it to give them your payment information…”


I Answer:

The reason I personally use Payoneer is that it is completely secure, discreet, and reliable (much like PayPal, but I’ll get to that in a sec). The only time you get anything in the mail from them is when they send your prepaid debit card.




Payoneer itself has nothing to do with the adult industry, so if your parents happened to notice the envelope, you could just tell them that you’re doing some surveys online (or something equally mundane and generic) and that’s how they pay you. I’m sure they wouldn’t think much of that lol.


I totally get your concern – however, Payoneer is a very popular payment method because it is a third party e-transfer service (like PayPal), and the cam site would only require the associated email address to put your money onto the card.




As great as Paypal is, its Acceptable Use Policy includes a clause that forbids transactions related to adult work of any kind. If there is ever any mention of adult services or they have reason to suspect it, Paypal will freeze the account and keep the money. 


I’ve heard a few horror stories where webcam models tried to use Paypal to receive payment from clients directly, and they basically lost their Paypal account and the money that was in it. They do have legal grounds here, and it sucks! So basically, no – you should never accept payment via Paypal. Honestly if a cam site even offers this method, you should question their legitimacy.


direct deposit payment method


Another option I’m not sure if you had considered is wire transfers or direct deposit. Most webcam model agencies can deposit your payment directly into your bank account.


This would be discreet as long as your parents don’t ever see your account statements. Cam sites usually charge a small fee for this method because it does cost them more to pay you that way, but it is also completely secure and reliable.


To reiterate what I said before, as long as you have done your homework and determined that a company is legit, it will be completely safe to share your information with them for the purpose of receiving payment.


If in doubt about a particular company, check out 7 Signs of a Fake Webcam Job. If still in doubt, feel free to ask me. I would be happy to look into it for you.


I hope this helps, and please let me know if you would like any further clarification.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon!



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